Club Collaborator is a secure platform using high-standard Identity & Access Management software to identify users and grant them access to their services. By using Club Collaborator you will add security layers to all your services.

- Each member uses their unique credentials to log in
- Strict multi-level access rights for members and roles
- Firewall and anti-virus protection
- Features to hide information that is not meant for the public
- Backups are done automatically

Maintain a secure database for your Rotary Club or District 

All storage and data traffic is secured with encryption and access to managing the users' data is only possible with the corresponding role.

Integration with Rotary International

Our platform transfers data to Rotary International via secure Rest APIs which is much more secure than sending information via e-mail or XML files. Your Club or District directory will be protected both within our platform and on the way to Rotary International.

Club Collaborator International Official Licensee

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