KEY Benefits & Value for Rotary Districts

Run your District in a quicker, smarter and more efficient way with Club Collaborator.

Club Collaborator unifies the web presence and the management within your District.
You will even be able to track your Clubs and see reports with Club status and other information according to your needs and peferances.

What is the status of growth and retention in your clubs? Are you familiar with the meeting statistics?
Build your own reports to get the insight you need!

As District Governor, you will have the chance to present a complete software suite for your District that will add value and benefits to your District.

Club Collaborator is a role - based system: all roles defined by Rotary International are available in our system and each member will have access or edit rights to information according to their role. 

District edit roles can see and manage clubs in within the district

- As a Governor or DICO (District IT contact)  you can add/remove clubs and members.
- All your actions are 100% synchronized with Rotary International

Follow your clubs and see statistics

- A District role will give access to follow all the clubs and you can see statistics like members, honorary members, attendance, students and fellowships.
- Help your clubs run more efficiently and smoothly

Communicate with clubs and members in your district

Use Club Collaborator to communicate with your Clubs and members

Simplify Distribution information and access to services

Share icons to your Clubs or members through their Dashboard for easy access to information or services

Follow your clubs via reports

 A District role will have access to reports on a District level. Here you will have access to a complete insight of the clubs in your District

Cross publishing 

Any news from the District RSS feed is immediately distributed to the RSS feed on the homepage of every club website in the District.

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