A COMPLETE SOFTWARE Solution TO RUN YOUR ROTARY CLUB - elevate your organization today!

Club Collaborator Rotary Software Suite

Club Collaborator comes with a complete set of features you need to run your Rotary Club or District
We cover everything from website to member management and the system even synchronize your data directly to Rotary International.

Managing your Rotary club can be demanding, but using Club Collaborator makes it a lot easier!

Manage growth & retention in your club

Keep your member directory updated with member profiles behind secured access. Only members with the correct role will be able to manage your club, but each member will be able to log into to update their personal profile

Improve public communications with a beautiful website

Publish a modern and nice website for your club. Information will be fetched from your member directory and published automatically on your website. Add your content and communicate with the world

Communicate via dashboard to all you members

All your members will get a dashboard and you will be able give your member access to information, applications and communication

Software suite overview

Each member will have a single point of entry through his Rotary Dashboard. Each member will find icons for all the services he can log into or use. The dashboard will log the user in automatically in the case where credentials are needed

Club Collaborator software suite

  • Mobile friendly website according to Rotary Graphical guidelines 2016
  • Membership management - Fully integrated with Rotary International
  • "My Dashboard" - Access all relevant Rotary information from one place 
  • Also ready for districts and even countries, multi-districts and Rotary zones 
  • IOS/Android app for meeting attendance 

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